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What is RSS Submit 5?

RSS Submit 5 is a lightweight yet incredibly powerful piece of software that takes your website’s RSS feed and submits it to many of the highest ranked RSS directories on the internet.

Not only can this powerful program submit to some really well known directories, but it can also submit to directories that require CAPTCHA solving. How? By interpreting the CAPTCHA entry and presenting you with a pop up that lets you deal with it as you have time. This way you can go about your work and not have to manually enter all of this information time and again. Talk about a time saver!

rss submission results

Not only can RSS Submit 5 do this, but it also records your submission process and provides proof, through screenshots, of the directory submission!

This software is considered “White Hat” and is perfectly safe – you are getting your RSS feed submitted to directories that WANT your content information – it’s a win-win that will drive traffic to your website.

This means that you can get your website’s RSS feed put into areas that most people would never submit too – they just don’t have the time to go through all the trouble – which means you can get more traffic and more website visitors to your content by using this program.

rss submission successful


With RSS Submit you can see what is happening as the program goes through the directories and adds your information.

Set up is super simple – a few description text boxes, your RSS URL, and tags, and you are good to go – you can have your submission running in less than 5 minutes. ┬áThat is impressive!

RSS Submit 5 Services

However, if you do not have the time to take care of this yourself, or don’t need to submit more than a few RSS feeds, you can have all of this done for you – including the CAPTCHA entry.

This service is provided via FIVERR and will get your RSS feed submitted all of the great directories without having to do anything more than supply your RSS URL and description information.

To get your RSS submission done now, go here: RSS Submit 5 done for you service



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